The Spring of a Sanatorium(英語版)

The Spring of a Sanatorium

23-25 Aug, 2019



In 1910, there was a sanatorium in the small island where tubercular patients were gathered, who at that time thought to be incurables.

They were the ones abandoned from the society, left with nothing but to wait for the death.

However the story has changed when the news breaks the Halley’s flyby of Earth and that an astronomer theorized that the comet would unceremoniously end life.

While the whole world is in panic, patients starts to come to life.

Is it hope that are waiting for them, or...?

Based on true stories both happened in the year of 1910; The panic over Halley’s comet, and the very first bloom of olive flowers here in Shodoshima, the original story was weaved.


Hitoyama Nouson Kabuki Theatre


Hitoyama, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun 761-4151, Kagawa Prefecture

This heart warming contemporary drama ‘The Spring of a Sanatorium’ will be performed at the 300 years old Kabuki Theatre, in the beautiful Shodoshima island.

Not only the actors gathered from all around Japan, but also local participants got together to create the ‘story of the Island’

The show begins with the Rakugo performance - the Japanese art of storytelling- which you can also enjoy watching.

Tickets are available at:

●Kokumunshukusha Shodoshima

●Shodoshima Furusato Mura

●Tonoshominato Kanko Center

●Shodoshima Olive Park

●Ikeda Kou (Ferry Terminal)

●Total Ladies Fashion Mikimasa

* you can receive the tickets at the hotels above.

How to get here

The Shuttle bus service is available from the Tonoshominato terminal (17:00)

By e-bike

35mins from Tonoshominato Terminal

5 mins from Nakayama Nouson Kanuki theater


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